Compact, Space saving

48 x 48 x 62mm (W x H x D)

11-segment LCD display

Characters are easily understandable

An easier viewing display,

PV color switchable

The PV display color can be selected from red, green and orange.
The PV display color can also change continuously depending on
deviation between PV and SV, this allows easy and distinct
checking of control status.

Standard console connector equipped

By connecting to a PC with USB port, various settings and
monitoring can be conducted using
the Console software (SWS-ACS01M).
Outputs by converting to 4 to 20mA DC.

Standard Output
rate-of-change limit

This is suitable for heaters which are not designed for sudden changes in output, and for controlling heaters such as the Kanthal Super.

Drip-proof / Dust-proof

IP66 structure allows usage in harsh environments when the controller is exposed to water or dust.

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