Communication Type Temperature Control Unit



  • System configuration

Monitoring and setting via Shinko communication converter IF-400]



The IF-400 can be used as a repeater as well as a communication converter.

A maximum of 95 NCL-13A units (communication line Max. 4.8km) can be connected using the IF-400 as a repeater.



The Monitoring software SWM-NCL01M can be used for monitoring and setting of the NCL-13A.

  • Small, space saving

17.5 x 75 x 85mm (W x H x D)
Easy mounting to the DIN rail.

Its compactness also allows easy mounting in limited space.


Dimensions (Scale: mm)



  • Reduced wiring

Bus plugs enable multiple connection of the NCL-13A units. The power and communication lines are connected via a screw type plug for lines through the bus plug of the NCL-13A.



A screwless spring type plug is used for input and output. 
The plug is also removable from the NCL-13A unit for wiring.



  • Multi-input, High-speed sampling

18 types of input such as thermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types), Direct current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types) are available.
The NCL-13A can perform temperature control for various machines such as injection molders, extruders, packagers, bag makers, dryers and electric furnaces.
A fast 0.25 second sampling period allows applications for various processes.

  • Enhanced communication functions

Shinko protocol and Modbus protocol (Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU) are usable.
Instrument numbers can be set by the Rotary switch, and communication protocol can be selected by the DIP switch.



  • Monitoring software

The monitoring software SWM-NCL01M has functions such as all channels display, one channel display, data logging, setup, all settings at one time, etc

Main display Bar graph display
NCL-13A_main_display NCL-13A_bar_graph_display

1 channel display

Setting display
NCL-13A_1ch_display NCL-13A_setting_display

Chart display

Logging display
NCL-13A_chart_display NCL-13A_logging_display

All channels setting display
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